Terms and Conditions

Gorilla Partner urges all Internet gaming affiliates to carefully read through these terms and conditions before deciding to apply. We also suggest that you take the help of a lawyer in case you do not understand any of the clauses in this document. Please also take a print out of these terms and conditions and keep the copy with you for your personal reference.

1. When you fill in our online registration form and submit it, you also agree that you are above 18 years of age and that you are signing an important agreement with Gorilla Partner. You also agree that you accept these terms and conditions.

2. Gorilla Partner reserves the right to change these terms and conditions. Affiliate partners will be updated whenever we make a change. We not only expect our affiliate partners to accept these changes, but also note that each change will be made effective immediately.

3. As our affiliate partner, you have to promote Gorilla Casino. We will pay you commission depending on the number of players you refer to Gorilla Casino and on the earning model we agreed upon.

♦ Why Should You Sign This Agreement ?

4. Once you register an affiliate partner account with Gorilla Partner, you have to sign this agreement to effectively regulate our business partnership.

5. You are not obliged to do anything else or commit to anything else other than that specified in this document. Similarly, Gorilla Partner is also not obliged to do anything else or commit to anything else other than that specified in this document.

♦ Registration

6. We accept affiliate partners only if they are at least 18 years old. Gorilla Partner has the right to cross check every detail you provide not just at the time of registration, but at any time. If you are found to be a minor, we have the right to terminate or suspend your account.

7. You are urged not to reveal your username and password and other important details related to your account with anybody else. In case you share this information with anybody else, you must inform Gorilla Partner at the earliest possible. You are held responsible for any unauthorized use made of your account with us.

8. Only the account holder has the right to operate an account he/she registered for. You can authorize others to operate your account only with the written permission of Gorilla Partner.

9. In case of disputes related to registration and operation of accounts, it will be resolved according to this document's "Applicable Law/Jurisdiction and Disputes" section.

♦ Commissions

10. Whenever affiliate partners start earning through the revenue sharing earning model, Gorilla Partner will apply a policy of not carrying over negative balances. Accordingly, no negative amounts will be applied in the process of calculating commission.

11. Commissions will be paid between the 15th and 20th of every month through the affiliate partner's preferred payment method.

12. Affiliate partners have to earn €250 or more during a calendar month to get paid. Gorilla Partner will pay affiliate partners as soon as their earnings reach €250.

13. Affiliate partners who have earned over €250 will receive their payment through bank wire transfer. Gorilla Partner may or may not consider other methods of payment.

14. If an affiliate partner wants to be paid through wire transfer only, Gorilla Partner has the right to wait till the affiliate's earnings cross the €400 mark to make payments through wire transfer. In such a case, payments will not be made if the earnings are below €250.

15. Gorilla Partner will take immediate action against affiliate partners who try to manipulate the commission program. In this case, Gorilla Partner has the right to terminate affiliate accounts and withhold earnings.

16. Gorilla Partner will carefully examine your earning activities for a period of 60 days. If affiliate partners earn any commission during this investigative period, Gorilla Partner has the right to either deduct those earnings or withhold them till it finishes its investigation.

17. If Gorilla Partner's investigation reveals that the affiliate partner or any of his/her sub-affiliates are guilty of fraud, commission earned throughout the period the fraud was committed will not be paid irrespective of whether they were earned through fraud or not. Gorilla Partner considers as fraud chargeback by depositing players, casino bonus abuse, opening of accounts in violation of terms and conditions, and so on.

18. Commissions will be paid only to the account holder.

19. Affiliate partners are required to update their personal details regularly.

19b. In case of litigie, the rev share of the members will not be paid.

♦ Taxes

20. Gorilla Partner will not disclose details of commissions earned by affiliate partners to third parties. The affiliate partner bears the responsibility of maintaining records of their earnings and report them to tax authorities if and whenever required.

♦ Privacy Policy

21. Gorilla Partner will reveal all information its affiliate partners require for their business, but this information is to be kept private and confidential. Affiliate partners should never reveal this information publicly unless it is a widely known fact or a court of law requires them to do so.

♦ Affiliate Partners' Declaration

22. You declare that you are at least 18 years of age.

23. You declare that you do not have citizenship of Costa Rica or Belize.

24. You declare that it is your responsibility to comply with the laws of the country or jurisdiction in which you live.

25. You declare that you have filled in your affiliate partner registration form as accurately and as truthfully as possible.

26. You declare that you are responsible for all your affiliate activities at Gorilla Partner.

27. You declare that you will never register for multiple accounts at Gorilla Partner by providing multiple addresses or any other method. You declare that you understand such activity to be fraud and reason enough to get you disqualified from the Gorilla Partner online casino affiliate program.

28. You declare that you have completely read and understood all the terms and conditions related to your role as an affiliate at Gorilla Partner.

♦ Gorilla Partner's Declaration

29. Gorilla Partner declares that it is operating under a license granted by the Government of Curacao and that it is governed by the laws and regulations of Curacao.

30. Gorilla Partner declares that its online casino affiliate program welcomes only residents of those countries and jurisdictions that have not legally banned the promotion of its brands.

31. Gorilla Partner declares that it will safeguard and protect the personal details revealed by its affiliate partners according to its privacy policy. Affiliate partners' private details will never be revealed to third parties unless required by a court of law.

32. Gorilla Partner declares that it is neither responsible nor liable for losses caused by server failures, delays and errors in telecom systems, violent activities such as riots, war, and terrorism that might affect the operation of the affiliate system, intervention by regulatory bodies, laws passed by governments, fires or strikes caused by industrial activities, and natural calamities such as floods.

33. Gorilla Partner declares that it uses the most sophisticated encryption technology to secure and protect all information provided by and related to its affiliate partners. Data such as financial information, user names, and passwords is therefore safe and secure at Gorilla Partner. Simultaneously, Gorilla Partner is not liable for losses incurred by any unauthorized parties accessing its website.

♦ Rules and Regulations

34. Gorilla Partner is also not responsible for the activities of or errors and omissions on the part of the affiliate partner's Internet Service Provider (ISP) through which the affiliate partner accesses his/her own site or the Gorilla Casino site. Gorilla Partner is also not responsible for any dispute arising between its affiliate partners and their ISPs.

♦ Trade Marks and Copyright

35. Gorilla Partner owns the copyright to all the graphics, text, and logos on its website and affiliate partners are required to use them in a professional way. Accordingly, affiliate partners cannot modify or change the graphics, logos, and text in any way, but must use them only to promote the affiliate brand after getting a written consent from Gorilla Partner. Affiliate partners cannot use this material to present a negative picture of Gorilla Partner.

36. Gorilla Partner is not responsible for the accuracy of the contents of third-party ads appearing on its website.

♦ Termination of Agreement

37. Our affiliate partners are free to terminate this agreement by making a written request to Gorilla Partner.

38. Gorilla Partner is free to either terminate or edit this agreement at any time.

39. Gorilla Partner will pay any commission due to its affiliate partner at the time of termination of the agreement.

♦ Applicable Law/Jurisdiction and Disputes

40. The language of this agreement is governed by the gambling laws of Cyprus.

41. All disputes and claims arising between Gorilla Partner and its affiliate partners will be heard at competent courts in Cyprus.