Gorilla Partner is an exciting and thriving web casino affiliate system that gives its affiliate partners the rare opportunity to start making money within a short time of signing the affiliate agreement. Our affiliate partners receive commission checks every month, without fail, as we calculate their commissions on the basis of the earning model agreed upon as well as certain other statistics.

♦ Up to 50% of Player Deposits

In the first place, our affiliate partners will receive up to 50 percent of the funds deposited by their referrals in their online casino accounts. This ensures that affiliates will never get a negative balance as their earnings come from player deposits and not from the net revenue the players generate for the online casino.

♦ Revenue Sharing

We also reward our affiliate partners with a share of the revenue generated. To do this, we take into consideration the net revenue generated by all real money players referred by our affiliate partners during their first three months and reward them with up to half of it. After three months, we will start calculating commission every calendar month based on the number of real money players referred by our affiliate partners during that month.

Here is how we do it :

No. of new players referred during
a calendar month
Affiliate partner's revenue share
0 35%
1 - 20 40%
21 - 50 45%
Over 51 50%

Our most enterprising and successful affiliate partners can sign a customized agreement with us, according to the terms of which they will provide maximum exposure for our brands on their websites in exchange for larger revenue shares. If you feel that you are one of them and would like to sign a customized agreement, do not hesitate to get in touch with your personal affiliate manager.

♦ Cost Per Action (CPA)

Gorilla Partner also offers a lucrative Cost Per Action (CPA) deal, which gives our affiliate partners the opportunity to earn fixed commissions for each real money player referred.
Since each real money player is different, it is not possible to provide the actual CPA rates offered. If you are interested in this deal, get in touch with your Gorilla Partner affiliate manager.

♦ Hybrid Deal: Revenue Sharing Plus CPA

We also offer deals that combine CPA and revenue sharing. If you would like to try such a deal, contact your affiliate manager.

♦ Sub Affiliate Commission

Our affiliate partners can also earn by creating their own sub-affiliate system, getting their own affiliates to promote our brand and claiming a share of their profits. Gorilla Partner will give affiliate partners who are interested in earning sub affiliate commissions a unique tracking link, which they can use to refer affiliates. Whenever you refer new affiliate partners to us, your account will be connected to theirs and you will start receiving 10 percent of their monthly earnings.

Your only job is to refer affiliate partners to us and you will get rewarded for that. You can then relax, let your sub-affiliates do all the work, and simply collect commission checks.